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Episode 146 – Tell Your Problems to Betamax

Welcome to another episode of the Heck Yeah Comics! Podcast with your hosts David and Nick! In this episode, we take Priest back to Black Panther, catch up on the Marvel media, find out what’s going on with Mister Miracle and dive back in to Rumble. Stay Tuned for all this and more!

Episode 75 – Ultron The World

Join us for another episode of the Heck Yeah Comics! Podcast. This week: We talk about Spider-Man #1, Paper Girls #5, Grant Gustin appearing on CBS’ Supergirl, Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 reaching 75,000+ preorder, DC shaking up some Hanna-Barbera properties, and much more! This week’s recommendations: Nick – Wayward by Jim Zub