Death of Wolverine

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Episode 138 – Helicopter Parrots

Welcome to another episode of the Heck Yeah Comics! Podcast with your hosts David and Nick! In this episode, Happy! Gets teased, Deadly Class and Sabrina head to your TV, we find out what kind of legacy Marvel has, and The Murder Machine comes to Detroit. Stay tuned for all this and more.

Episode 22 – The Death of Heck Yeah Comics

Join us for another episode of the Heck Yeah Comics! Podcast. This week: We talk about the actual Death of Wolverine, Edge of Spider-Verse #5, Batman and Robin #35, how we think DC’s Batman Eternal is going, The Walking Dead’s huge ratings, Marvels many events in 2015, Robert Downey Jr joining the cast of Captain … Continue reading

Episode 18 – Marvels Gets To Keep Its Soule

  Join us for another episode of the Heck Yeah Comics! Podcast. This week: We talk about The Death of Wolverine, how Moon Knight’s new creative team is doing, how we thought Original Sin wrapped up, the possibility of Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange, Dwane Johnson as Black Adam, the possibility of the live action The … Continue reading